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Re: Erection Pain after circumcision.

Written by Robin at 20 Jan 2007 16:25:20:

As an answer to: Erection Pain. written by Duncan at 18 Jan 2007 05:24:06:

Ok Duncan,

I think its too early after operation to tell anything. Ive heard 100s of circumcision stories though and its unusual to have pain at the base of the penis and in the testes - soreness upfront is often reported but not pain at the penis root.

Firstly its too early to say anything - you are only a week after operation and havent even had any good erections yet - so give it time and patience is my main advice .. and when you start having sex again then take it easy at first ... dont overdo it.


>Hi, Recently i have had a circumcision done to relieve the pain caused by Phimosis. Now i know that i am still in the recovery time as the surgery was just over a week ago but i am finding that i am having an unsual amount of pain during partial erection in the base of my Penis near where the shaft and Testical sack meet. It runs approx half way up my shaft on both sides and is very painful. I am kind of worried and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if it is common place for post opperation. It is kind of worrying me for future as to whether i will be able to have a non painful errection.
>Please let me know.


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