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Re: A few other things (Letter for Louis)

Written by Louis at 23 Jan 2007 22:37:30:

As an answer to: Re: A few other things (Letter for Louis) written by Robin at 20 Jan 2007 16:31:43:

>A few things,
>Great to see you answering someone - lovely thanks
>I forgot to say The BIG point about not writing private e.mail is that if you got something to say about how the forum is run, then please say it on the forum so that the energy is on the forum and other men can discuss it etc ... its a point about all the real actual energy would get half lost in private mail ... I dont understand why you want private mail --- ah sigh - if you must write priuvate email then Ok do it
>I will go into the controls and change your -at- to an -at- otherwise you mail box will get filled up with spam mail -
>The forum:
>I feel the point is quite practically, that the forum needs organisation to get anywhere - rather than my sympathy my sympathy is not only tiring me out, its pointless!!
>The type of injury needs clarifying and classifying like they are on the home page all the injuries which have been entered on this forum need classifying and thats a lot of work but thats the only way a medic could make sense of it all (and thats what I reckon is our main chance?)
>the questionnaire needs developing ... any suggestions ?
>Im still very open to helping any of you guys in any way I can and using the forum in that sense tell me (and each other) what you want, and how you want to use the this forum ...? what you wanna make it? ...
>I hope with the questionnaire that any new entries will have clear titles and clear explanations this will help other men to identify with similar cases ... and ... I hope sometime a doctor will be better able to follow.


I'll come back to you on the questionnaire. It looks like a good start, but I'll fill it out myself and then come back to the forum (soon), with what I think any necessary improvements might be.



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