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Re: A CURE!?!??!?...... :-)????????

Written by Louis at 25 Jan 2007 21:12:01:

As an answer to: A CURE!?!??!?...... :-)???????? written by Stevo at 25 Jan 2007 14:09:19:


Great to hear that there are alternatives out there that are giving some sort of reprieve. Keep us posted regarding your long term progress. I will try to fully familiarise myself with your story. I have read bits of it.

Can you share with us the name and number of the urologist that treated you at UCLA? Supportive urologists are few and far between. Can you refresh the forum on what exactly your situation is?...I think this may help some of us.

I have heard of this treatment before, but never pursued it. I am more open to the stem cell/tissue engineering technologies that are coming. Once again I'm glad that you are benefiting.



>some of you may have followed my journey with this thing. Well since the last time we talked I've been in a mental institution (right after thanksgiving) because I made a poison with which to kill myself. and I've found out that my beautiful fiance cheated on me with 11 different men (five of whom she fucked). I was ready to kill myself, because they gave her what i coudln't, and it hurt so bad, that and the constant physical pain in my penis.
>I've had this problem for 2 years and 4 months (the pain part i've only had for about a year)
>I've become doubtful of a cure or a solution. about 2 weeks ago I went to a Urologist at UCLA
>he injected me witha drug to produce an erection, then he shoved another thicker needle into the other side of my penis, which filled me with a saline solution. They measured how quickly the liquid escaped, or leaked out of me. to measure how bad a leakeage I had in my penis.
>As the Urologist in San Francisco suspected, the leakage was quite small.
>my urologist sent me home (with a penis that was 70% black and purple) telling me that for the next 3 months I was to take: pentoxyfyline, L-arganine, and 5 MG of Cialis (daily)
>all these he said have antifibrotic properties, which he hoped would help when taken over such a long term (no one wants to do surgery on my penis, because i'm so young)
>This all happened about 2 weeks ago.
>a few days ago, my father took me to see a doctor out at a more alternative medicine institute, (not alternative like hippy crap, but a little less drug and surgery based).
>They've begone me on a treatment called Anodyne, and on a treatment called hyperbaric oxygen therapy
>the first is a system of pads covered in LEDs (light emitting diodes) which are supposed to stimulate tissues and increase blood flow to promote healing, these are especially supposed to be useful with healing soft tissue, and with curing pain (especially amongst diabetics, who of course have poor blood flow)
>and yesterday I did my first session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. basically you breate pure oxygen through a face mask, then they put you in a tube, and they pressurize it. The idea being that your body being under that kind of pressure, forces the oxygen which you are breathing further into your body, better noursishing all your cells with it.
>I nearly didn't post this, because I'm afraid that it's too soon to say, and that it's fool hardy to do so. That i'll only be getting my hopes up, andmaybe someone else's.....but.....
>about 30 minutes ago I woke up from sleep, because I had a hard on, that was stronger than I've had in a very long time. It's still not as strong as it used to be but.....i've only had 3 anodyne treatments and one hyperbaric treatment.
>I"m a bit hopeful here, which I haven't been in a long time.
>BTW mental hospitals suck, avoid them. i'll keep you guys posted.


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