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Re: A CURE!?!??!?...... :-)????????

Written by Stevo at 19 Feb 2007 08:30:17:

As an answer to: A CURE!?!??!?...... :-)???????? written by Stevo at 25 Jan 2007 14:09:19:

Unfortunately nothing seems to have come from 2 weeks of those therapies twice a day.

I believe the stronger nocturnal erection was just a result of the dialy cialis, coupled with a few days of no sex or masturbation.

My pain has not improved, and my function has not improved. I'm just trying to keep moving. It's difficult to do. I'm miserable, I haven't tried to kill myself again, and right now I don't want to, but the truth is every day when I wake up i wish i hadn't. I don't want to live this life. But I guess the thing to do is hope it's not forever.

I'm taking some classes, trying to get to a more normal life. I'm still pretty desperate and miserable, but the hope is that I'm setting my self up for a better life if things ever get better...that's all I've got.

Sorry guys, false alarm, this stuff didn't help.

good luck to you guys.


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