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ejaculation and pins&needles in the right leg

Written by efrim at 25 Feb 2007 21:54:14:

I am not sure that if it's right place to write this problem because i don't have erection problem. I have a weird feeling in my right leg related to erection. It was only happening when i masturbate but now sexual intercourse couses this feeling. It's mainly pins&needles but sometimes burning, sometimes numbness and sometimes very very mild pain. Everything started with long masturbation session 3 years ago. I was addict to internet porn and each surfing session sometimes lasted 1.5 hours (fully erection) every two days sometimes twice a day. It was ok in the beginning because i was able to keep my erection for long time during the sex with my partner(30 min or sometimes 45 min) but now i am really worried about this sensetion in the right leg. I don'thave any problem in the left. And also i have tingling and weeak right arm feeling last 6 months. Probably using the mouse with the right hand and holding my penis with left.

Is there anyone who experienced the same thing?

Thank you


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