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Re: Penile Fracture

Written by Louis at 07 Apr 2007 01:32:39:

As an answer to: Re: Penile Fracture written by bambino1977 at 05 Apr 2007 21:05:25:

Hi Bambino1977,

I didnt realise you had received surgery, can you tell the forum which tube was damaged? In most cases, if you receive treatment soon after the typical fracture, then the result is usually a good one. With a typical fracture, there is usually an abnormal force on the penis (normally from the woman being on top), this results in the penis snapping. A loud popping sound is heard (probably the tunica albuginea splitting), internse pain, sometimes heavy bleeding, immediate loss of erection and severe bruising.

With an atypical fracture, there is a sharp pain on either the left or right side of the penis, immediate loss of erection and not much else. In time nodules can be felt under the skin and there may be lost sensetivity. (Also MRI scans will eventually show scarring, which they may then diagnose as Peyronnies disease).

In both cases arousal and fantasy become difficult. With atypical fractures, because there is never any obvious sign of damage, doctors dismiss the possibilty of a fracture, and diagnose the problem as being something psychological, not physical.

As you have had an operation, things may take time to heal.

Please keep us updated with your progress.


>Hi Louis
>Many thanks for your reply.
>We have had very little information from the doctor apart from that he performed the surgery and stiched the tube and that it should heal, we are due to go back to the hospital in two weeks,
>You mention typical and atypical fractures, is there a difference then ??
>Apologies if I seem a little vague or ignorant, but as I said we have been given very little information.
>I have been able to get errections but are somewhat painful, and not as regular as they were before the accident.
>Many many thanks again for your reply
>>Sorry to hear of your plight. I'm glad you found this website, although I appreciate you probably wish you never had to look for such information. The website was set up by a guy called Robin Stuart and the praise for starting the website needs to go to him. I was exactly where you are, three years ago and I remember the releif I felt when I stumbled across this site.
>>I am not a physician, and its unlikely that anyone who responds to you will have any medical qualifications. What we do have in common is the problem of an atypical penile fracture and the subsequent life changing effects that are associated with it. As you are probably finding out the medical world is not very educated or skilled with regards to this type of injury and much of the time we end up going around in circles, not really getting anywhere. I am fortunate enough to have a very understanding partner and we are soon to be married. Having said that, life is increadibly difficult and everyday is a new hurdle. For me it never gets easier.
>>Having gone through the worst, my personal opinion is that this is not a psychological problem, especially as you say that your fracture has been confirmed by the medical profession. However, this doesn't mean that you are not being affected psychologically. What has happened to you has an enormous effect on a man's view of himself.
>>You say "Ive read many websites, most of which give very positive results", I think these websites are referring to typical (not atypical) penile fractures. With a typical fracture there is an obvious break, blood leaks profusely through the organ and is very visible under the skin. In these type of cases, ironically there is a good chance of recovery without complications, if it is caught in time.
>>You say it would be good to share other peoples experiences, I don't have a problem with that, there are many stories on this website with other mens experiences. If you want to talk to someone I'm happy to talk, you can contact me on the email details above and we can arrange it, or we can continue conversing through this website, that way other people can take part in the conversation. Whichever way suits you right now, I'll be happy to help.
>>Regards Louis
>>>At last I've found a website with people to talk to about this condition.
>>>I suffered a penile fracture about 6 weeks ago, I just awoke one morning in an erect state and just put firm grip around it like I have every morning since I hit puberty and head a cracking sound.
>>>I woke my girlfriend, as it started to look very strange and I lost my erection, we went staright to the hospital (wondering if we were just being silly) where I saw the A&E doctor, then a surgeon then the consultant. They wasn't sure if I had suffered a fracture as I had no pain, which isn't normal.
>>>I was taken into theatre within 2 hours, where they discovered it was a definate fracture.
>>>My issue is, that I was kept in hospital fro a couple of days and told to go home and rest for at least a week, and not to attemp sexual activity for 2 weeks.
>>>I did exactly as i was told, but here we are 6 weeks later, still unable to engage in any sexual activity.
>>>My girlfriend and I are both only 30 this yearm, and before my accident was trying for a baby.
>>>Our relationship is obviously getting affected as we are both deeplt worried that we will never be able to have sex again, which was something that was quite important to us both in out relationship.
>>>I was given very little information from the consultant apart from wait 2 weeks, Ive read many websites, most of which give very positive results, but none give any rough time scale on how long it will be before things are looking up (excuse the pun!)
>>>I am able to get an erection, it just does not become firm enough to engage in intercourse.
>>>We do both wonder if some of it may be physcolgical, as we are both very scared of it happening again, something else that the doctor never told us, is it now weaker than before and at risk of breaking again very easily.
>>>I would really appreciate for someone to share their experiences, it would just be nice to be able to talk to other people who are in the same position, as its something that isn't very common its very difficult people understanding what both my girlfriend and I are going through mentally.
>>>We are trying to remain positive, but there are many days where that is extremley difficult for both of us


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