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Re: Message for the forum

Written by Robin at 17 Apr 2007 15:59:09:

As an answer to: Re: Message for the forum written by Stevo at 19 Feb 2007 13:35:22:

>"I have studied this problem for three years now. The thing that makes this forum stand out for me is that it is supposed to be dedicated to men who feel they have had an atypical penile fracture and are experiencing ED because of this. No one else will listen to them and urologists keep on telling them that nothing is wrong, the problem is psychological or at best they diagnose peyronnies desease."
>Years ago the common cry was that erection problems are almost always psychological. That they were in your head, then the magic pills came out, that can help most sufferers, and the urologists changed their tunes, saving that "all in your head" status for those of us who the pills couldn't really help.

Its just real nice to have people who understand some of the hell Ive been through - Robin

>i realize that this post turned from my evaluation of our medical options, to me crying about my own specific plight, forgive me.

Stevo, thanks for the contribution - Rob


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