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Re: penis problem

Written by Josh at 01 May 2007 04:14:47:

As an answer to: penis problem written by Waune at 30 Apr 2007 15:00:07:

Sounds to me that you very well could have suffered a fracture. The thickening of the foreskin as well as the color sounds an awful lot like bruising.......but not because the damage is there....but the blood has no where to go but down and its draining to that point. You said you had some discomfort at the base. You very well could have popped a blood vessal or something simliar at the base of the penis and the blood drained down via gravity and has settled in your foreskin.

The only reason I suggest this is because I just last week had corrective surgery on my penis that was from a severe fracture. My fracture, I was estimated at losing over a liter of blood. Luckily mine toar my urethra and exited my body. Had it not......I am thinking I would of had something very similar to what you are describing only much worse.

As I said I just had surgery and after a day or 2 I had what looked like a doughnut around the tip of my penis that was black and blue but was not really painful. This doughnut was nothing more than bodily fluids draining from my surgery which was on the shaft.

While I would say its probably something your body will heal normally. If you experience any discomfort or ED. You should go to a urologist and make sure you point out where the discomfort was so that they will have a starting point. I told my urologist where the pain was and when I was finally seen by a doctor that had the right requipment to look.......he found it right where I suggested him to look.

I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully its nothing more than a broken blood vessel that will self repair.

>recently my wife and I where having a good time.after sex the foreskin on my penis got thick and purple.I did not notice this until the next morning.this was 2 days ago and allthough it's no worse ,it's really no better.I also have some (not actually pain),but discomfort at the base of my penis.this is really embarrassing,but do you have any thoughts on this.any help would be greatly appreciated.I can still get an erection and I have no problems urinating.Thanks!!!!!


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