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Re: RigiScan results

Written by Josh at 01 May 2007 04:18:00:

As an answer to: Re: RigiScan results written by Louis at 14 Apr 2007 00:42:35:

I would say that a rigiscan isn't the best way to go. That sounds really expensive......if you want to eliminate the possibility of it being psychological....just have the injection done. My doctor didn't believe me and tried and tried to tell me it was in my head until I called his bluff.....he threatened the injeciton and assured me it would give me a very rigid erection......I took the shot.....waited 10 minutes...and he was amazed to see that it wasn't rigid like he had promised........That alone proved it wasn't psychological at all.....and was almost completely painless....I believe the shot is call should check into it.

>I'm glad you shared that with us. My consultant has been trying to get me to have a rigiscan for a year or two now. He wants me to have one so that he can clear up the possibility of my ED being psychoogical. I'm not sure which country you are in but I'm in the UK and here they cost about 1500.00. I don't need to spend 1500.00 for someone else's satisfaction. I know what happened to me and when it happened.
>I'm intigued to hear you say that you are taking Cialis daily! My doctor reckons that no-one should be taking more than one per week. It just goes to show that these doctors haven't got a clue about much.
>You say things look pretty grim, I understand your sentiment; everyday I scan the internet for new leaps in medicine but it is a painfully slow process and I do wonder sometimes whether I will go to my grave in this way. I hope not.
>I'm seeing a new urologist in about 1 month, I do't hold out much hope, but it will be a fresh pair of ears for me to talk to; who knows what will happen we'll see.
>After the results of the rigiscan what does your doctor say/recommend?
>>So i just got the results back from some rigiscans
>>you know what those are?
>>it's a machine that measures your erections while you sleep.
>>It's a pair of little lassos atached to little machine that periodically constrict, and measure how much your dick resists.
>>(I noticed that those little squeezes caused me to get a lot more nocturnal erections than I usually get.
>>The results came back, and it said that I got about 70% erectile rigiditiy on average. (and i'm taking cialis daily).
>>Things look pretty grim.


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