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Re: Penile Fracture Question

Written by Josh at 01 May 2007 04:26:00:

As an answer to: Re: Penile Fracture Question written by Joshua at 20 Mar 2007 15:04:32:

Well I had the surgery last week.........I'm not certain about the results and I'm still wondering wha the outcome is ultimately going to be. I can say that it wasn't the most painful thing that has ever happened to me but on the other don't realize how much that thing swings around when you walk until it hurts......

So far most of my stitches have came out but I have a serious issue around the tip. I expereinced alot of drainage from the stitches the first couple days after the surgery. But once the wound healed there was nowhere for the fluids to go. So now I have what looks like an innertube going around the head of my penis. I can tell its filled with something that is getting more and more firm each day. Its really the only discomfort I have left other than a few stitches that are kinda soar.

I called my doctor 3 times last week and each time they told me to elevate it to assist with drainage and to wear a support......How in the hell do you elevate your penis???? They didn't have an answer for me now I"m day 12 after the surgery and I still have that innertube swelling around the head....but its not discolored...and whatever is in there has become very thick over time...I honestly believe it is nothing more than puss from the surgery that has nowhere to I'm really hoping that wednesday when I go back, that they will lance it and remove it because its really annoying and somewhat painful if rubbed the wrong way.

Oh I can tell you this........erections......HURT....but that is to be expected. I was given these inhaler things to breath if I feel an ereciton coming. The only problem is that I have been waking up with waking up....I mean forced awake because of the pain of the stitches being stretched tight because my penis is trying to fill up......fortunately the pain seems to detur the erection and thats the end of it....

I'll keep you all updated as time goes on but I really have high hopes for the outcome.

>I'm not exactly sure what its called to tell you the truth.
>I'll find out and let you know.......and as far as things healing just doesn't happen....if it hasn't happened yet, it won' least thats my standpoint. I've had a couple different injuries over the years where I was told to do just that and my body did always heal it enough where it didn't physically hurt......but things never seem to work right again without surgical intervention.
>>Definetly hoping for you brother.
>>My doctor has yet to perform the doppler he's big on hoping that things will fix them selves, i've had this problem for 2.5 years, so I'm less into that, but I have a hard time saying " NO! CUT ME OPEN!"
>>good to hear about your problem being focused. Is the procedure that they're going to do on you called a Venous Ligation?


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