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Written by Robin at 01 May 2007 19:41:46:

Hi Louis and Stevo et al,

Ive changed the top line message back to what it was before ... hope thats good ...

I will read anything with subject line forum admin or message for forum whenever I look back here.

then this forum seems to be going good - so i shouldnt worry ... but the reason I write now is that parsimony closed down two of my other forums recently due to inactivity after only two months inactivity.

so there are 3 things to do for people who want this forum to stay active

--- simplest is post something - whatever it is - at least once a month

then save a back up zip which you can collect at and so all the info wont be lost if deactivated

then theres a page for complaints headed "Parsimony Gratis-Angebote" or "Parsimony free offer" and I reckon that they would understand a simple letter in English asking to reactivate our forum ...if ever it did get deactivated.

and very good wishes to everyone



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