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atypical fracture - questionnaire reply

Written by m at 03 May 2007 15:12:10:

Name, initials, or code name? -
Summarise type of injury in 4-5 words -
bending to left, no sensitivity
How was your injury caused? - Did you bend or knock or over exert your erection?
suspect that trauma happened during intercourse, but their was no pain or bleeding as is common with regular fractures

How long ago was the injury? -
approx. 1 year

What symptoms? Pain or numbness?
mild neurological 'referred' pain in perineum area (and sometimes in pelvis), but main concern is absence of sensitivity/numbness. erections can be achieved through manual stimulation but there is no feeling, indicating neurological symptoms

Where exactly is the pain or numbness?
numbness is all along the shaft of penis. the pain is mainly in the perineum area, worsens when sitting down

Bending? (is bend to same side or opposite side as injury?) -
15 degree bend to the left when erect (injury seems to be on top of the penis and toward the right, but nothing has been confirmed. doctors haven't found any disting bruising, nodules or plaques)

Have you seen - how many doctors?
have seen a few doctors; 2 urologists and an andrologist

How old are you? And which country? (these influence medical care) -
20, england. have no private medical insurance so rely mainly on the NHS


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