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Re: the issue of 'Peyronie's'

Written by Louis at 04 May 2007 23:24:08:

As an answer to: the issue of 'Peyronie's' written by m at 03 May 2007 15:48:27:

Hi M,

I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with Kevin Wylie. I saw him a while back and was not impressed - maybe he was having an 'off-day!'. Yes, peyronnies just seems to roll off the tongue of most of these urologists. The problem is, there is not much research that is being done in this area. Urology has not moved on much in the last 40 yrs.

It sounds like you may be onto something, if there is an infection then this, I would imagine, stand a better chance of a cure than an atypical fracture. Keep us informed about your condition. You mention "nerve-conduction tests", can you tell us anymore about this area? I don't know anything about it.


>i should have posted this earlier but i haven't been too well and haven't checked the forum in a while. i have posted on the site before, a few months ago, about an injury i sustained last year and the symptoms that have followed. my instinct tells me it is an atypical fracture, based on the knowledge i have from reading this forum and the symptoms (bending when erect, no sensitivity). i just posted a reply to the questionnaire with more details.
>basically, i saw a urologist recently here in england and explained my situation to him. i showed him photos of the minor curvature to the left when my penis was erect, and since he like all the other doctors i have seen could not find any obvious evidence of a fracture, diagnosed me with 'Peyronie's disease'. it seemed like more of a fall-back diagnosis for him, since i got the impression he didnt know what else to think and had simply eliminated all the other possibilities in his mind. his advice was to 'wait one year, perhaps more, and see how things develop, since the bend is not so big and surgery is only done to correct this disease when it doesnt improv over a long time period.'
>I'm not an expert obviously but i know i haven't got this 'disease' - my symptoms arose as a result of trauma during intercourse, whereas peyronie's as i understand is defined as the spontaneous and inexplicable formation of fibrosis (plaques, scar tissue etc) in the penis. this normally affects older men over around 50, and there is no reason why the bending happens, it just does. to me, the word 'disease' suggests something along the lines of a foreign body causing the trouble, like an infection etc, and a deteriorating condition of the problem over time. symptoms as a result of trauma or injury can't be defined as disease surely (unless they're infected), so why are so many doctors labelling our problems as Peyronie's disease, thus dismissing the idea that it could be a minor and unusual type of fracture? it isn't just me who has experienced this; from reading other posts i can tell that many of us on here have had this response. Does anyone have any views about this?
>However, the other day i saw an Andrologist in sheffield, called Dr Kevan Wylie. I came across him on the internet and although it cost me a fair bit, went to see him (i dont think there are many andrologists in this country, and male sexual issues are poorly understood here in general). He was very astute, and was open-minded when i explained everything, neither accepting nor dismissing the opinions of previous doctors i had seen. when he examined me manually, he said he couldn't feel any obvious signs of plaques etc, but when he pressed one particular area halfway along the shaft, it felt very tender. he said that the bending wasn't as radical as he would expect with most cases of peyronie's so he suspects something else; if the penis forms a scar when it is trying to heal (as in peyronies) it is usualy very large and easily 'diagnosable', and indicates that the penis is not trying to heal in another kind of way anymore. after examining me he suspected that there was some kind of continuing inflammation going on, and said that despite the fact that my symptoms have stayed the same and yet haven't deteriorated over time, that doesn't necessarily mean the healing process has finished. He asked me to ask my GP for a prescription of an anti-inflammatory drug which might help, and said that if nothing changes then i had the option of returning to him in sheffield for nerve-conduction tests etc. At the moment i am still thinking about what to do, if i can save some money i might have an mri scan done - doctors have repeatedly told me it would be a waste of money and would show nothing, but my instinct tells me otherwise
>anyway i'm sorry for the long rambly post, but i hope this information is useful to you guys. i'll be checking th forum more regularly now, i'm not the most knowledgeable person but i'l follow Robin and Louis' example try and help anyone who's looking for advice


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