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Re: penis problem

Written by Louis at 05 May 2007 00:02:13:

As an answer to: penis problem written by Waune at 30 Apr 2007 15:00:07:

Hi Wuane,

Are you getting spontaneous/morning erections? You say you can still get an erection. By what means do your erections come about? It may be that your penis is traumatised but not fractured. Can you elaborate a bit more about your situation? Did you experience any sudden pain during intercourse? Have you been to a doctor? How old are you, and which country are you in? What position were you in? etc.


>recently my wife and I where having a good time.after sex the foreskin on my penis got thick and purple.I did not notice this until the next morning.this was 2 days ago and allthough it's no worse ,it's really no better.I also have some (not actually pain),but discomfort at the base of my penis.this is really embarrassing,but do you have any thoughts on this.any help would be greatly appreciated.I can still get an erection and I have no problems urinating.Thanks!!!!!


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