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Re: blood leaking from penis (similar to a females pms)

Written by Robin at 29 May 2007 15:14:03:

As an answer to: blood leaking from penis (similar to a females pms) written by david at 10 May 2007 08:20:03:

David Hi,

you must give a better description, internal bleeding can be connected with penile fracture.

Otherwise bleeding from the urinary opening can be caused by various things ... which we dont cover in this forum, but doctors would understand most of the reasons for blood in the urine ... blood leaking could also be frenulum breve which has ripped .... (search google)

Whatever either you are on the wrong forum - or you need to give a better description of your problem.


>I have blood leaking from my penis, I've had a cystascope, ultrsound, the whole and the docs cant find anything. I've been on antibiotics as well. I also have high blood pressure too, for which I take 4 meds a day for.
>has anyone else had this problem that can help
>send info to


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