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Re: nerve pain?

Written by Louis at 11 Jun 2007 12:45:02:

As an answer to: nerve pain? written by dave at 06 Jun 2007 19:50:11:


It would appear that although you have not sustained any overt damage, there may be some kind of trauma which has occurred. From my research I am now acutely aware that any kind of vigorous sex can lead to problems.

You say you have abstained for approximately 10 days and still there is evidence of swelling and sensitivity to touch. You speak of minor tingling in "the nerve area", I'm not quite sure what you mean by this or where the "nerve area" is, as the penis is full of nerves. Perhaps you just mean sensitive to touch?

My advice to you would be to defnately contact a doctor asap, to gain a professional medical view.


>About 3 weeks ago, after vigorous masturbation my penis swelled a lot. There was no pain, no loss of sensation/feeling, no blood, just swelling, and the next day the swelling went down significantly. After about 5 days rest, over the following week, I had sex twice and masturbated about twice (never mroe than once on the same day). Now I have abstained for 10 days, and there seems to still be a touch of swelling, and some minor tingling in the nerve area (only after i have an erection or use the bathroom).
>Again, everything seems to be fine (erections are good, no bruising/blood/pain/etc).
>Is this going to heal up soon or should I see a doctor?


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