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Re: nerve pain - a solution?

Written by Louis at 11 Jun 2007 13:25:39:

As an answer to: nerve pain - a solution? written by Walter at 09 Jun 2007 20:37:50:

> Hello all,
> What do you think about this information?
> And what do you thing about Low-level laser therapy for nerve trauma? Could it be a solution?
> Robin, thanks for your work.
> Regards,
> Walter


Thanks for sharing this with the forum. Gene therapies and other cell based therapies are now emerging. "Emerging" is the operative word here as a lot of these studies are still being done on animals. There are a few hospitals in India who claim to be doing this sort of thing already. Until I have concrete evidence that they are being effective, I will hold onto my money (they are still very expensive in my view).

If you've read any of my responses to others, the work of Anthony Atala is the only real hope I see for the regeneration of nerves and penile tissue. I do know of gene therapy and its benefits, it's definately a step in the right direction, but it is still viewed as "treatment" not a "cure".

With regards to light therapies there have been sporadic claims of limited success withn this type of technology, but it is not being endorsed by the medical establishment to any significant degree. It was a while ago that I looked at this area (about 2-3 years ago), I havent heard of, or seen anything which indicates any major break-throughs since then! Let us know if there is something major happening in this area.



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