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Re: Pinis Injury

Written by Louis at 17 Jun 2007 00:57:55:

As an answer to: Pinis Injury written by Cocoa_Rageous at 14 Jun 2007 17:03:40:

Cocoa Rageous,

Sorry to hear of your circumstances. Can you go into more detail? I didn't realise scateboarding was such a dangerous sport. Please can you tell us the exact situation that you were in? How the injury occurred? Who have you seen and what has been their prognosis? Are/have you undergone any tests etc? Do you get any erections at all? Morning/night?

There could be some soft tissue damage, depending on what the extent of you accident was. Has there been any change in urination (regularity etc)?


>I smashed my dick skateboarding about 3 weeks ago. there was some swelling for about a week but thats gone as is all the pain. but i still cant get an erection. i went to the doctor and they were no help. they just juggled my balls and wrote me a prescription for viagra. Iv tried about every day to get one and have even jaculated medium erect. any idea as to what gives?


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