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Re: curious - dont know

Written by Rob at 15 Jun 2005 21:20:11:

As an answer to: Robin? written by Nick at 15 Jun 2005 12:56:23:

I can only presume you werent playing basketball with an erection, so I cant see how this could be a break, and suggest bruising in the way anything would bruise after being wolloped by a basketball.

It is now four days since your injury, if there is still any problem then please go and find a Urologist ... If there is no further problem then please write back to this forum and simply tell us.

The ice will help to relieve bruising, and maybe abstinence for a few days would be a good idea, so that no extra strain is involved.

Thanks for writing


>today i was playing basktbll and took what felt like adirect front on hit to my penis. The pain was intense, and immediate. It was sharp localized stabbing pain that spread throughout the nether regions. No trace of pain related to a testacle trauma. I immediatly checked my penis which was fullly retracted and ashen white, with some discharge that looked and felt like semen. I left the game and when i arrived home n penis had begun to swell below the head on the right top sied, curving the tip to the left. I have iced it periodically since and the swelling and curvature have dereased. Still some lingering dull pain, but i urinated and thre was no blood in it, although it did kind of hurt.

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