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Re: Got bent, crooked, broke dick, feeling sorry for bent, crooked, broke dick g

Written by Rob at 04 Jan 2006 18:25:37:

As an answer to: Re: Got bent, crooked, broke dick, feeling sorry for bent, crooked, broke dick g written by Gary at 18 Dec 2005 11:49:09:

Hi Gary,

Good to see you back, so, you reread your symptoms, you realise I sort through your stoned poetry and repost the relevant stuff, ... I need to repost a lot this time - you stayed well in reality, ...

so youre saying this squeezing technique was responsible, ... I think maybe partly responsible, doing this while hitting the desk certainly didnt help.

And are you saying it was anal penetration, and not that you hit the desk?

My problem is that your "case history" is only online on the forum so I cant check it quick through when Im at home, ... was there no crack? ... you must have hit something or had a sidewards or head on bang.

I am at the very beginning of reading the latest medical studies on penis fracture .... there are about 20 studies a lot more than ever before in a ten year period, so there is a lot of research going on, however its a real job 100 times easier now than offline and searching through cobwebbed shelves 10 years ago, now lots is online through the local university and etc etc. its a long job and I only just started .

.. however .... it is occurring to me that long term effects can be very varied ... you are reporting becoming stumpy, - the venous leakage must have decreased i.e. the amount of blood getting in and out of the erection (your squeezing technique is often used to help this, and even advised by doctors in the form of a thick rubber band round the base of penis). - but have you ever tried viagra? I would imagine this would be an interesting addition to your daily cocktail. Then there appear to be a variety of operations that can be done to join up different blood vessels to get more blood flowing in the erection .... cant say much more at present ...

Glad to hear the bends getting better, I hate to pour the cold water over your optimism . but I would also say my bends getting better, --- but Im afraid this is only because the erection is weaker and so it is not put under such strain. ... bit like a bicycle tyre or funny balloon which only gets the full form when its fully blown up.



Written by Gary at 18 Dec 2005 11:49:09:

Early on in my addiction I had a lot of sex for long periods of time with the wife. I mean my wife. Sometimes when I would start to lose an erection, and needed just a little penetration to get going again, I would grasp the base of my penis and squeeze hard enough to force blood towards the head witch would give me enough length and rigidity to start penetration. This would usually give me the need inspiration for another erection - and once again - off to the human races.
Now while on the opiates like oxycontin, which is of course a painkiller, I probably wouldnt notice if I were getting too tight a grip and damageing something - LIKE MY PRECIOUS COCK!!!

I think that is what I did rather than jam it - which I have done also and it was quite painful, lasting a day or two - but nothing lasting.

The damage I caused, the damned damage, which brought me to this site, was caused by the above procedure - WHICH I DONT EVEN CONSIDER DOING ANYMORE OR EVER AGAIN.

Anyway, the night I did the damage was one of those times where I had held back my orgasm so long I couldn't have one. She needed an orgasm badly having been riding the ridge for a couple of hours.
So she is one her back on a desk. She has a huge dildo (that I don't particularly like but still prefer it to the alternative) in her pussy and I am trying to re-enter her ass. I have been forced out now a couple times by that dammed huge rubber cock and this time I just don't have the rigidity needed to enter that second, tighter, back up pussy, so I am feverously working my "technique" to very limited success.


Anyway - not much sex. Each time I do have intercourse I am still sensitive to the fact that I may re-injure myself. I get sore after 30 minutes and usually quit without orgasm - which I have lost the urge to have (except when jacking off - when that is the sole goal) now that the partner seemingly cannot have one until we get her cleaned up. She is only 41 and should not be slowing down. We have always both been the partner whose mission was to satisfy the other, prior to each other, so when the two of us got together we can fall into some scenarios of their own making - even if it is just watching TV with our shoes on all night eating ice cream and watching the history channel.

Changes in my cock?
Yes - For the Good: The bend(s) is gone for the most part all though the damage is visible on one side. The base of my penis it thicker than it once was with some hardness more on one side than the other.

It does not hurt to have an erection but the skin feel tighter and I fear any aggressiveness due to both a real physical sensation and a psychological uneasiness.
Orgasms, when I have them, are usually somewhat repressed and not too satisfying yet taking a leak afterwards for sometime feels real damned good. This is not entirely due to the damage and probably less due to the damage and more the drugs which have caused this bad - good tradeoff for some time (well since being a junkie). I can, however, have a good orgasm - a usually do if I have one during intercourse... in fact it is sometimes a little too intense..

Overall - a much more subdued sex life. I can live with that only because I believe (we both do) that it will improve when we get clean.
It still bums me out but not as after (due to the above)
For the Bad: THE GODDAMNED UNIT IS SHORTER...AT LEAST A UNIT AND A HALF SHORTER (lets just say 20 -22 1/2% shorter). Erections feel as if most of the blood is in the base and the shaft.

I will just say it.. When I was 21 I had occasions to measure my dick as did an occasional girlfriend. I would come out 7 1/2 maybe 8 if you pushed the ruler down into my pubic area just enough it didnt hurt. This was when I weighed 165 at 6'. One little seamstress once measured the girth which came to 5.5 inches.
I weigh 200 now and typing this post is the most exercise I have gotten today. I eat three gallons of ice cream a week and maybe 2 dozen donuts. I do still get some exercise (when I purchase the pallets at Krispy Kream each weekend they give me 2 dozen dounuts). Yes I hand load them and probable load 200 a week from around town. BTW - I own a pallet recycling co.
"I said the other day- half joking and hoping for some negative confirmation - I think my dick is getting shorter" She said, " yeah... I noticed" "I was just joking... - "I wasnt".. it is shorter and it still has that weird knot...
I measured it myself the other night while masturbating to some internet porn. Shit.. I barely topped... no made 6, and I was pushing the ruler down so hard it did hurt. I broke the ruler trying to get the girth... but I would guess I have gave up length for the offending hump slowly growing at the base of my shaft...
Where does that end?
Extrapolating the end game from what has occurred during the time so far - I will have nothing but an erection that resembles a softball sized lump in just a few short years.
Maybe I wont seek rehab..
Maybe it will stop when I reverse dimensions - a 5.5 inch dick with a circumference of 8!?!
Sorry stumpy... maybe if you weren't so old - and a junkie.
A tear rolled off my nose and... completely missed my shrinking dick. The cat was no where to be found.

Good Day
Best to all..
Only suggestion here is don't give up the masturbation - fuck is fantasy time so nothing really matters - plus exercise is always a good thing.


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