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Re: oral sex

Written by MIKE at 30 Jan 2006 04:42:20:

As an answer to: Re: oral sex written by Rob at 26 Jan 2006 20:11:00:

>>About six years ago my girl friend who was inebraited at the time was performing oral sex on me, and sucked extremely hard on the head of my penis. since then I been having all kinds of problems, in which many are similiar to the symptons of prostatis, and erictile dysfunction.

I did go see an Urologist, but he wasnt much help. gave me some anti biotics. To be honest with you I feel that the hard sucking caused nerve damage to the head my penis, which is still sensitive. I also get burning sensations in my left leg and groin area, at night ,which is uncomfortable. I dont believe there anything, can be done about my condition, except learn to live with it. I am 54 years old.


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