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Re: erectile dysfunction - please help

Written by Robin at 15 Feb 2006 18:24:21:

As an answer to: erectile dysfunction - please help written by Mani at 15 Feb 2006 18:23:00:

Hi Mani,

first off Im not a doctor, only a fellow patient who believes in
helping each other.

The main thing I can offer is interest and sympathy, I have very few
answers - The first thing I must suggest is that you go to a
Urologist, and then I would be very interested in what he can tell

My foremost suggestion, is if it feels like a sprain or muscle tear
then handle it like one, this means rest it, and this means

The fact that you still get morning erections, "involuntary"
erections, usually means that the problem is psychosomatic ... I dont
agree with this diagnosis but it is the normal interpretation, what it
does definately mean is there is no problem with the blood supply to
your penis.

I find the viral infection interesting, you seem to feel this has had
an influence, and I have heard this before.

What happened in October 2004??? This is a very important question. An
interpretation of your condition is impossible without knowing this.

Remember losing your mind is far worse than losing your erection, so
stay cool calm and collected. I hope you will go to a Urologist. I
hope you will tell me what the cause and cure of your problem is ... I
am just a fellow sufferer .... I also have something like a muscle
sprain at the base of my penis, since 10 yrs, I have not been able to
find a cure or any treatment .... maybe your solution could help
someone else or even me, so please contact me if and when you
understand anything more.




Please leave links to other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant "impotence - erectile dysfunction" can be developed.

Most of these mysterious erectile dysfunctions require men to help each other - and long term reports are essential - please come back in a years time and report progress.


>Dr Stuart,
> I have a big problem and request your help and guidance. For the past 1 month, I am unable to get an erection and have been experiencing a lot of pain around the base of my penis. Looks like there is a muscle tear or sprain and feels as if the muscle is weak to support the enlargement.
>I have had this problem on and off since Oct of 2004 but over the last few months of 2005, I thought the problem was over. During December 2005, my family had viral fevers but I probably got a mild attack with just body and muscular pain. Since then I have not been able to have an erection but I do get my morning erections during sleep.
>I fear that the muscular tear or sprain has not healed and keeps showing up now and then disturbing my married life. This causes me a lot of grief and tension.
>Please help.


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