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Re: chronic penile pain...

Written by Robin at 23 Feb 2006 21:20:02:

As an answer to: chronic penile pain... written by christov grigori at 16 Feb 2006 02:59:40:

Hi Christov,

Firstly thank you for such an informative letter. Mainly Im impressed just by how much research you have done yourself, and your self control and sensible approach - (even when inside there is someone screaming for help).

I have to say me giving advice here is like the blind leading the blind. I do know a little about penis fracture these days, but the causes of your problem and your symptoms are pretty much unfamiliar.

I could direct you to Mike (a litle lower on this forum)
he complained of a similar cause and area of the penis, (his girl friend sucked too hard on the head of his penis) but really there is very little new information in that report, and it is a complete mystery to me.

Let me ask, if you had your urine checked, then I presume you spoke about your problem with the urologist? Was he clueless??

really I am no help. I cant even say that I have experienced this. I cant even answer if it is a nerve which is injured, but all the pains seem localised in the one area, so I suspect its not a nerve, (if you read Mikes short letter you will see he had pains down his leg ... which I do as well, - in these cases it is definately a nerve which is damaged). Could yours be simply an internal bruise?

I really find your vitamin E, your caring medical erections to help the blood flow, your warm baths etc., pretty much optimal for healing purposes. Just caring for yourself, holding your genitals lovingly is all going to help, instead of getting frustrated and worried. ... at least it will help your mental state ... (losing your mind is far worse than losing your erection).

Im sorry I cant help more - I hope if you find a solution then Id like to know, and just anyway, keep in touch and tell us how it develops, I hope it gets better ... good luck




One optimistic thought is that at least we can contact each other these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago, my God to be left feeling totally alone with this problem, and then questioning myself on if Im imagining it all - I think Id have gone crazy. And men with our problem must have been going crazy throughout the last
centuries. I am very thankful to www


I feel we need an index of all the penis fracture sites and erectile dysfunction - impotence resources etc. online. But, Im NOT online at home - I dont have the possibility to do internet research - Please leave links and comments on other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant "impotence - erectile dysfunction" pages can be developed.

Actually I feel what we need is a student Urologist to answer letters on the forum. Students have time to research, and a last year student doing a special research on this subject would be ideal - they are always looking for new subjects to write diploma work.

Id love someone to spend a couple of hours using their "worry" energy positively to google for medical universities (esp. Urology dept.) and collect 50 or even 20 e mail addresses, and post the addresses on the forum, ... and then I can send out spam like invitations to help the research ...

>Hi. I'm a 20 year old, circumcised virgin male that has had no problems with my penis until recently. It seems that a few weeks ago (in the middle of January), I had done some damage to my glans.
>I was taking a shower and was washing my penis (which was hard), but during that time, I accidently squeezed the underside of the neck of my glans (where the head and shaft meet, and right behind the urethral opening) a little too hard and caused a little pain. When I finished the shower and went to urinate, I felt a burning sensation upon peeing in the spot where I pinched the glans (and my urethral opening), along with some mild (enough to be noticiable), but nearly constant pain (I feel it like every 15 seconds or so) in that spot. I felt the burning sensation whenever I urinated for a few days, but the mild pain in the spot didn't.
>Since then, I've been feeling the mild, nearly constant pain in that area, and I've felt it when my penis is both flaccid and erect (it lessens when I'm erect). It's been waking me up at times (5 or 6 in the morning), but it seems to lessen while I'm urinating (meaning the pain's milder and not as uncomfortable), but goes back to its mild, nearly constant state afterwards. I also notice that ejaculating causes the pain to worsen in that area for a little while (The worse I had was slight burning for a little over an hour.), and decided to abstain from ejaculating for a while. The last time I ejaculated was Saturday, Febuary 4.
>At first, I thought this would simply was a mild ureathral injury and would heal over in a week or so, but when it didn't, I've been trying to heal it myself while looking up the net for info. In my search, I found out about the corpus spongisum and read that it's the spongy tissue that surrounds the ureathra and makes up the glans of the penis, along with the penis being more vulnerable to injury when erect and that ejaculation causes slight trauma to my urethra (thereby possibly worsening my injury). I'm now worried that I may have not only injured the urethral area right behind my ureathral opening (and within the glans) but also damaged the spongy tissue surrounding it due to me squeezing it a little too hard in its erect state. I'm also worried that I may have damaged the nerves, even though the only problem I'm experiancing is the pain.
>I've tried healing my injury by taking warm baths (which seems to lessen the pain), drinking a lot so I could urinate a lot (just to dilute the urine to prevent it from irritating the ureathral opening), and as of yesterday started taking vitamin E (read it promotes healing in damaged tissues). I've been also giving myself erections, and not for pleasure (I'm purposely keeping myself erect for like 2 or 3 minutes), but for healing since I've read that a frequent, spontanuous erection pumps fresh blood into the spongy tissues, making healing faster. I haven't ejaculated or put myself close to ejaculation during these erections since I don't want to cause any more trauma to the injured area.
>It's been over three weeks since I started feeling the pain (one week since I last ejaculated) and would like to know what's your opinion on the injury and what it is (damage to ureathra, spongy tissues that surround the ureatra, or both.). I do know it's not a urethral infection because I experianced no discharge nor signs of infection (I went to have my urine checked 2 weeks ago, and it came out clean) so that is out of the question. I would also like to know your opinion on how should I heal the injury. Should I keep giving myself erections just to pump fresh blood into the spongy tissues just so it could heal faster, and I should I keep taking vitamin E to promote healing?
>I would also like to know what are your opinions on what kind of injury is this? Is it trauma to urethra/penile dorsalnerves/corpus spomsgium, or is it a combination? Like I said, it ain't an infection.


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