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Re: soreness behind testes

Written by Robin at 02 Mar 2006 18:52:49:

As an answer to: soreness behind testes written by d at 02 Mar 2006 18:51:48:


Im afraid I dont know the cause of your problem. It sounds so similar
to many others I have read about and experienced myself.

Im not a doctor . Im just a guy who is sharing my experience and
hoping sometime to get a bit more light on these subjects. It seems
such problems are a rarity, and the Urologists themselves often do not
understand them - however you must try and ask a Urologist about this.
- And then come back and tell me if he gives any pointers.

I think you are saying that normally the pain used to go away after a
few minutes but this time it hasnt, now it's always sore.

If something feels sore then its best to treat it so, try and hold
your testes lovingly rather than getting worried and frustrated, yes
and rest is needed, so probably having no sexual activity is a good
idea for a while, activity may only irritate the soreness.

Sorry I cant help more, but its the blind leading the blind.

You need to ask a Urologist and anyone else running an erectile
dysfunction page. Good Luck


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