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EMERGENCY instructions etc

Written by Rob at 08 Jun 2005 19:31:48:

EMERGENCY instructions etc


Sorry but the emergency systems just aint set up yet on this board, also Im not a doctor, and though Ive been researching and collecting information for ten years now, I still only vaguely understand what to do in most of the cases.

If you have just had your fracture in the last 24hrs. then stop reading and get down to accident and emergency at your local hospital. This probably applies to the first few days, ... (to get the emergency treatment which hospitals offer you might need to lie about when it happened ie. it must have happened within the last 24 hrs.)

typical fractures (with loud crack and or bleeding) are often self healing, in that blood coagulates, but there is no certainty in this - an Emergency Urological Examination is the best option in the first few days. (and give masturbation a rest for a few days).

What I always try and remember is that nervous breakdown is worse than penis fracture, so the most important thing is to stay cool calm and collected, ...

Some fractures cure - some not, -

with an atypical fracture or non self healing problem, then welcome to the research forum!!

Ive made a good start, and I will continue, ... rather slow, but steady.
I have to see this project as long term.

I have a suspicion that if there is pain and this hasnt subsided after 3 or 4 days, then it will get less, but in some form it might well continue, I suspect that any bending or leaning will remain, with probably a weaker erection, needing possibly viagra etc. -

medical reports say "It is understood as a rarity, there were approx 30 reported cases in 1975 - 100 reported cases in 1988 - 200 reported cases in 1996. In addition 240 cases are reported in Japanese medical literature between the years 1930 and the present day."

It is obviously not a rarity - only that previously such problems were diagnosed as psychosomatic, and only in the last 20 years has technology been in the position to diagnose some fractures.

There are so very few long term reports ...I dont feel there are enough cases for me to start categorising them any more than I have done on the home page - we need or I need maybe 100 cases before trends and tendancies start showing up.

My information is collected on the home page in the first four links, and on this forum in my ANSWER to xxxxquestions.

What I want to do is provide this forum as a meeting place for men with these specific problems, as a central meeting point for info exchange and support etc - ...

I noticed recently that there are a few other sites on this subject ... I do think how useful feedback would be about other sites - and how all this info needs to be centrally linked up - and probably here on this forum is the best place to make a start.

Also the last 5 years info on MEDLINE needs collecting and abstracts republishing here - technological advances may have opened new possibilities - and so far I havent had time to do this research. (MEDLINE link at top of page on www.male- search for penis or penile fracture. To avoid penicillin you will need to ask for something like "peni* BUT NOT penic* fracture")



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