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Nervus Ingualis? - Scrotal hernia? - periorchitis?

From 2000
A rupture of the groin is sometimes called an "Ingualine Hernia". This seems a remarkably close name to the "Nervus Ingualis" which hurts and leads to the testicle (which also naturally hurts!). An urologist has told me the nervus ingualis hurts by any number of men and there is no known cause or cure ... another urologist said such pains often develop because of a nerve trapped in the spine. Thus, I presume that a nerve ripped, or became trapped however no doctor or examination has been able to show this or offer a successful treatment

Then sorry about this but the care which is taken with farm animals is incredible - I love this quote "Copulation failure in food animals can be economically devastating to producers." also from G. St Jean Male reproductive surgery
Vet Clin North Am Food Anim Pract 1995 Mar;11(1):55-93

"Scrotal hernia is merely an extension of an inguinal hernia. Scrotal hernia is characterized by enlargement of the scrotum by the descent of intestine or omentum along the spermatic cord." (...from my own symptoms: "After masturbation, there is sometimes a very clear trickling sensation in the right side of the groin area, (must be the semen canal or ?), ... ")

"An inguinal hernia often enlarges the neck of the scrotum. In acute cases of inguinal hernia, the testicle can be swollen by compression of the spermatic chord at the ring by poor venous return"

G St Jean continues "Inguinal hernia must .. be differentiated from periorchitis, hydrocele, aneurysms of the pampiniform plexus, and inguinal abscess. In periorchitis, the swelling is associated more closely with the testicle and usually is painful on palpitation"

What is astounding is that I find a whole variety of related illnesses recognised and described in this study on farm animals - maybe I need to see a vet!



Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture