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Penis Fracture

Research MEDLINE yourself for more detail and new reports
To search for penis fracture and penile fracture - (to avoid penicillin you will need to ask for) "peni* BUT NOT penic* AND fracture" ... choose the citation report - I suggest going back to 1995 - (please post interesting summaries and links, on the forum)

A Short History of Penis Fracture

During erection the blood filled corpus cavernoso can break. This happens often when the erect penis is bent. Usually it is accompanied by a loud crack and profuse bleeding.

The symptom of bending is so typical of penis fracture that one study suggests that boys born with a curvature in the erection, have suffered a knock and fracture in the womb, during the frequent foetal erections.

Until recently penis fracture was understood as a rarity, (though this appears largely due to male pride which had not reported the problem). There were approx 30 reported cases in 1975 - 100 reported cases in 1988 - 200 reported cases in 1994. (In addition 240 cases were reported in Japanese medical literature between the years 1930 and 1996).

Medline demonstrates the diagnostic development of the use of Prostaglandin E1 (an erection stimulator); Sonography (ultra sound), cavernosography (radiology with a colouring technique), to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Sonography appears pretty useless at discovering minor grades of penis fracture. The medics have only had the technical inventions to be able to detect minor grades of penis fracture since 1990 when cavernosography is "in its infancy".

MRI (the revolving tube) is reported in only four studies up till 1996 One of these studies says: "only MRI detected the problem in all four patients, MRI should be used when penile fracture is suspected but clinical findings are atypical."

The most interesting new point is that in 1994 one report said there are now 200 reports in the medical literature. In 2005 one report says there are now almost 2,000 reports in the medical literature.

So, - there is an ENORMOUS amount of recent new research on this subject. - so, this is the good news.

I have read through most of the studies once, (the full studies are mostly online), but must admit I understand next to nothing, ... the summaries give all the basics. Most reports emphasise how immediate surgery is recommended - showing that without surgery some fractures dont heal well (but obviously this is only deduced from those cases which report to hospital).

There are some reports on atypical fracture. One report says the dorsal vein can rupture and this mimics a penis fracture.



Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture