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March 2016
i believe after 20 yrs. i found the cause to my problems :

over the last few years the right groin started hurting all the time again, twice after doing a particular physiotherapy exercise (pulling the leg back from over the shoulder with help of a towell round the ankle) - so i went to an Osteopath with this story.

The Osteopath pushed back "a fold of skin" which was trapped underneath one of the lower hip bones ... "the inferior ramus of the pubis" (underneath, not above as in a hernia)... it seems nerves were trapped there ... For a month i had no problems, then it started again, ... but this time the osteopath couldn't or wouldn't help. He had no interest in my full description of the history. He used only whole body treatments (eg. holding my waist side, or head or feet) - insisting he was sensitive to the problem .. very frustrating ...

To cut the story short .. only 2 out of 6 Osteopaths have known about a Hernia of the Obtoratorium ... Most doctors say it doesnt exist, it seems only among surgeons (and even here only among specialists) is the condition recognised as an extreme rarity.

so, you know, its been a long history ... and i cant finish this story at present ...

... (i feel pretty sure that my form of this trapped-nerve problem is similar to that which some weight lifters experience and maybe many more who have written to me.) ...

The point is that now, after 20 years - at last I have a diagnosis, and the experience of a cure that works ...

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture