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traditional chinese medicine to the rescue?

Thanks a lot for this letter Chris

I did go to


and I think the guy is on the right track ... and (as James pointed out) also understandable that every reputable urologist would be against him!

simply : I would defer all advice on this forum - to this site and doctor ... and please use this forum to discuss and report any experiences you have with this site

of what use now are my site and previous forum ? (see links in forum header) ... an archive ... who would need to research there now?

The attitude of traditional chinese medicine to sexuality is totally different to western medicine ... for the Taoist doctor the key point is that the male grows tired and old quick - when he "loses his seed" too often

one has to consider just how much energy your balls use to create this incredibly rich and fertile substance - which the young man has so much of and comes easily 3-5 times a day (usually far too quickly) and the older man once a week or once a month - it is arguably the most valuable and potent substance in the male body

the key to old age is ... (in contrast to catholic abstinence from sex) ... they recommend having lots of sex but ejeculating very seldom

traditional chinese medicine sees control of ejaculation as necessary for health and longevity ... (and also the only way a man could still satisfy the woman in old age) ... and a number of other points which are quite foreign to our cultures and our "experts" attitude to sex


chris wrote "Through research on the net I have found what the best supplements are to heal these types of injury as one apparently needs to have lots of 'non stimulated erections' and that abstinence is required as these injuries burn testosterone and you need it to get well otherwise you will open up a can of worms and suffer from all sorts of other issues related to your HPT axis."

as I said it did remind me of Jolan Changs "The Tao of Sex"

but the better description is in Chapters 6-7 of Daniel Reid "The tao of health sex and longevity"


it seems like cure-erectile-dysfunction.org has taken these basic ideas on sexuality one step further, I DONT KNOW IF IT COULD HELP WITH OUR PROBLEMS, but, yes it does seem like a ray of hope and understanding and a course of action which offers help where there was none

I didnt look around the site too long but I did find references to just trying to find non sexual things to interest you ...

... its simple and sensible ... anything to counter our societies discovery that "sex sells" and the resultant over importance or addiction which we all are suffering

I have long thought that the ancient chinese appreciation of sexuality is one of the ingredients our entire society needs to cool down all this incredible achievement stress we are causing ourselves (not only with business but also with sex) ... really its time to relax and just appreciate what we have and how to use that ... instead of always wanting more

specifically regarding sexuality ... what we COULD achieve with what we already have, if we used it intelligently - is, according to chinese medicine far greater than we at present can imagine ... ie. health and longevity ...

seemingly impossible for the modern man ... but maybe once the idea is clear not so hard for intelligent people to learn, ... (particularly with an understanding lover).

I have long had a high respect for traditional chinese medicine and its attitude to sexuality ... and, but could never relate it to our problems : atypical fracture .. sprain, strain, nerve rip, ligament tear or whatever ... it seems that www.cure-erectile-dysfunction.org is making this relationship ... and so I put my full advice and probably support in this site, and hope people will report back here.

thank you :-) robin

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture