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One sided - pain and curvature
Rob. S. (site manager)- one sided trauma through frontal pressure
terrible pain - bad description - no cause - few symptoms - (8 urologists)
since 3 months - curvature and pain plus urine leaks - no cause given
John - penile fracture? - 2 yrs. ago - one sided symptoms - no apparent cause
'flash' burning - bending - trauma symptoms - no cause described
Viagra - then muscular stretch - 18 months ago - atypical fracture
mild back-testicle-knee pain - good description

Pain then Numb
Atypical Fracture after intense masturbation - pain then numbness - after 3 yrs
damaged as 14yr.old, no sensitivity, bending - now 38, peyronnies -v. good description
mild pain bending - numbness simple questionnaire answer

Pain, NOT One Sided
Sprain - frontal pressure - groin pain - no bend - not one sided
penile trauma, partner on top moved quick, pain near tip, not one sided
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Central pains (excessive masturbation?)
P not one sided, central pain - mild- not fracture -detailed description
Central Pain reminds me of the above entry P

Weight Lifting Hard Work
weight lifting causes atypical fracture
weight lifting causing Groin pain/Erectile dysfunction
Hard work then masturbation numbness

Complex Multiple Pains

Complex ligament or nerve damage
small broken vein, (no bend), put ice on for half hour 3 times a day - Cured
overbig erection strain - dorsal vein trauma - needing rest - poss. cured
mild atypical wierd, tingling pain

Vague Descriptions
Sharp Pain in Scrotum after quick movement, -(wife reports)
Groin pains - impotence - no cause or exact symptoms
-(wife reports)

TYPICAL FRACTURE - other sites deal with this better - please leave links.
My unprofessional advice for typical fracture is either go to the accident and emergency dept. straight away, - or give sex a rest for a week and then the fracture should have self healed, if men will report their long term experiences I will be better able to advise
Self-inflicted typical fracture very open good description
2 simple self healing typical full fractures
typical fracture
typical break with much less pain and bleeding on 2nd. day

Post Operative problems

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture