The concept that an anatomical deficiency in the erection can influence the sexuality appears to contradict every advance in understanding which our culture has made over the last century. - Psychological research has concentrated on parental and environmental phenomenon, and the urological disciplines do not include sexual behaviour. Scientific research has overlooked this area of human sexuality.

If he does not sublimate his sexual drive, it leaves him with something impossible to prove or fulfil. He compensates his reality with fantasy opening the door to further disillusion and a life chasing beautiful unreality, (with wishes which he subsequently attempts to fulfil in his real relationships).

It is worth considering that in specific cases where foreskin conditions were combined with a particularly unstable and disturbing upbringing they could easily add another ingredient to the irrational frustration which leads to specific sexual crimes, this particularly concerns the frequent profile of rape without penetration, but also those forms of pedophile behaviour which do not involve direct sexual contact.

Sexual offenders should undoubtedly be carefully and compassionately monitored for foreskin difficulties, however I suspect that more commonly sufferers end up in a domina`s dungeon, rather than the State prison.

With time, when the inadequacy in intimate relationships reflects socially, this will add another ingredient to the severity of any social problem, with consequences which are recognised among the socially isolated, e.g. homelessness, drug addiction, suicide.

(For clarification: I am obviously not arguing that the entire psychology and character development of a youth has evolved exclusively based on one anatomical problem. As with any other disturbing influence the effects will be relative to and influenced by all the other experiences in life. It would not be the only influence; - but in an integrated personality an unrecognised foreskin condition would have an influence on everything else, magnifying influences of a similar nature and undermining potentially healthy tendencies. It would combine as contributing factor in any more complex disturbance.)

Foreskin conditions hinder experiment, expression and satisfaction in the physical expression of love. Love making is not as physically easy or natural as it could be, it is inhibited, therefore the man might start making love later, more seldomly, or possibly not at all.

However, it is not only the pure feelings of love which are undermined, for the unsaintly among us, desire is a stronger force which can be extremely destructive when frustrated. We are discussing a man who`s sexuality is disoriented at a very elementary level and ultimately everything sexual is a little distorted, everything from using condoms to the Oedipus complex.

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