These pages are aimed at the research and revision of our understanding of the ancient tradition of circumcision from the perspective of modern medicine. Our intention is to discuss and develop an appropriate initiation for manhood in the modern world.


June 2021
There is a new Forum open for suggestions, questions, personal experiences and general exchange of ideas.
I doubt if i will be around to answer regularly - but hope to look in from time to time to check how its going.

I accept any feedback from other site owners pro- anti- or unbiased - please drop me a line and a link.

Wanted :
People to help and take over the admin on this site and project.


"animals copy to survive - if someone has good ideas it is a collective responsibility to copy them!"

Put it up as your own site
(it weighs around 14 MB and used to get 200,000 hits a month in the times before flat rate and commercial internet).

I'm happy that, except for the conclusion on the new Index Pages the information will not be totally lost.
The site has been collected on the Internet Archive.

It would be really nice if all my info was not lost, and it needs more than one person to develop different sides to a new story. There is no copyright - (the copyright looks like this.)

Please use the information. There are lots of different ways the info. could be filtered and edited.
Copy what you want from the site - develop a new design - a classical version, a punk version, etc. and a wiki version of some of the texts.
And Internet needs a site with videos and pictures.

Its a great little subject because its such a tabooed area - there has been so little research - its all new land ... but its got no street cred. ... its nothing you can talk about ... so its a lonely job, and this brings me to :

There is still no group supppoprting education on Phimosis. But even before Internet started, there were large anti and pro-circ. movements with quarterly magazines.

Doctors and uni. professors have written many articles on the anti and pro circ. view points ... these are the only influence on popular opinion; and its ridiculous that the only question most people have on the subject is whether "to circ. or not?". As if there were only 2 alternatives!

So, this is my latest attempt to get some sort of gathering of people - who feel the importance of the subject ... the chaos and futility of the whole phimosis experience - and that future kids dont need to go through that ridiculous waste of time and energy and love.

Sometimes it seems to me, a totally irrelevant subject in comparison to 100s of other modern problems ... but then i wonder how much it has influenced basic human relationships and social structures over the millennia ..? (see European)

If this concerns you, PLEASE write me a short mail.

With the needs of good parenting ... and with modern social networking possibilities ... i feel sure that these days, a support group could form.

I have done all i can alone with this subject.

Please read the disclaimer
Publishing info is the best way to break taboos and generate energy on the importance of education - therefore I will make it anonymous and publish any relevant e.mail

My new project and a contact form is at
(The new project is about how to cure phimotic mindedness. I always found this the greatest obstacle when trying to tell people about phimotic foreskins).


TREATMENT - HELP : Often several different treatments are possible and personal preference plays a large part in choosing an appropriate method.

at present (2016)
For info. on minimal surgery, tying the frenulum, or the different appropriate treatments for primary or secondary phimotic ring : please follow the indexes on this site.

This site only covers stretching as one of many treatments. There are lots of sites specialising in stretching. I did a search (2022) and found the information site and forum which seems very competent.
Authoritive info. about full circumcision is to be found at


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Any personal experiences, or reports from wives, girl friends, mothers and fathers are all warmly welcomed. Parents are especially welcome to write and stimulate thoughts on prevention. Also any research questions, anthropological theories and ideas. If this concerns you please contact me -

Publishing info is the best way to break taboos and generate energy on the importance of education and monitoring boys before puberty - therefore I will anonymously publish any relevant e.mail on ARC Forum or Collected e.mail Passages
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