These pages are aimed at the research and revision of our understanding of the ancient tradition of circumcision from the perspective of modern medicine. Our intention is to discuss and develop an appropriate initiation for manhood in the modern world.


The 2022 Version

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I'm getting old and unhealthy, i have done all i can with this subject. I would really love someone, to take over this site, and to put it up as your own site.

The problem is that the pages are programmed in an old fashioned style. This means google won't index them because they can't be viewed on mobile. Even as part of a new site they will bring the rating of the site down.

So i think, what the project needs is two sites. One is my old site for reference. The second is your new edited version. You would need to edit maybe 20 key pages as a start and 'the shop window' and link them to the old site. You need this because basicly you don't know how long i will be alive and still online.

It will probably take years till one person comes along who is prepared to get as deep into this subject as i was. The project needs a group.
You need to enjoy social media to advertise an online group. But the embarrassment factor is so high, most people won't join with their normal profile - so you need to have somewhere private like the Forum to form the group.