The concept that an anatomical deficiency in the erection can influence the sexuality appears to contradict every advance in understanding which our culture has made over the last century. - Psychological research has concentrated on parental and environmental phenomenon, and the urological disciplines do not include sexual behaviour. Scientific research has overlooked this area of human sexuality.


Many youths are treated during puberty or after first intercourse due to an unavoidably painful experience.

Otherwise, two general types of experience are occurring. These relate directly to the form of pain or difficulty each condition causes.
There is the subconscious development and the semi-conscious development

In the subconscious development the youth experiences no conscious symptoms of difficulty or pain (these have been repressed and there is no recurrent or obvious symptomatic difficulty) it does not occur to him that a part of his own natural body is limiting him - he grows accustomed to his condition never questioning nature; believing: "I am normal"

He is fully unaware that his condition requires treatment and indeed he may go through life without it ever being treated.

With the semi-conscious development, pain is typically experienced indirectly often following sexual activity. Here the man feels doubt, but is unwilling to question it any further; believes "I am not normal" (feeling he must be a rarity because everyone is normal) feels shame guilt and worry, and finds that repressing this and accepting himself as he is, is preferable to having to confront this impossibly embarrassing problem.

A phobic anxiety of the truth may develop, usually avoiding the need to operate till early adulthood. This lack of confrontation is nothing to be additionally ashamed or guilty about, people in many other life situations postpone actions and then embarrassed about having put it off so long, feel the simplest way out is to put it off even longer.

Both and probably all forms of development lead to a chaos factor which is accepted and accomodated in the personality.

In all cases the man avoids discomfort and he adapts to the limitation; and this underlies every sexual learning experience until the condition is treated.
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