The concept that an anatomical deficiency in the erection can influence the sexuality appears to contradict every advance in understanding which our culture has made over the last century. - Psychological research has concentrated on parental and environmental phenomenon, and the urological disciplines do not include sexual behaviour. Scientific research has overlooked this area of human sexuality.

Conditioned Behaviour

Human nature is unendingly flexible and vulnerable, we learn a general basis for socially acceptable behaviour usually indirectly from parents and environment, wishing to please and be accepted. This is often described as the socialisation of raw human nature.

Pain and pleasure mould specific responses. The traumatic or repeated experience of pain lays the basis for habitual and often compulsive behavioural responses and this takes extreme forms when the development is of a subconscious or semi-conscious nature since infancy.

It is also worth considering that the repeated experience of pain is the basis for aversion therapy.

It would be helpful to understand unrecognised foreskin conditions as inhibitions (see dictionary definitions). This anatomical inhibition has emotional consequences which are comparable with the classical inhibitions, they make a persons behaviour less flexible less spontaneous, he becomes less able to respond to life`s various situations, he adopts safe roles even non-confrontative wishes and intentions.

The consequences of unacknowledged or avoided pain are far more chaotic than any fully conscious repeated pain stimulus. In the same way as any other disturbance which is not acknowledged, it is repressed, sublimated and displaces.

The lack of confrontation inevitably generates irrational consequences and as with any other irrational influence or subconscious disturbance, after years of insinuation, this has very real and fundamental effects on a man`s outlook on life, his behaviour, emotions, psychology, and fantasy.

An interesting comparison can be drawn with the incest victim`s lack of trust, spontaneity and limited sexual behaviour roles, often with some history of believing or trying to believe that such child parent relationships were normal (to live with and adapt to a chaotic environment).

A person who represses their homosexuality is another significant comparison, the effects commencing during puberty, becoming progressively disturbing and disorientating as self deceptions and habits reinforce each other. As years go by the consequences become increasingly chaotic and bizarre.

Genital pain and difficulties and the fear or avoidance of these difficulties are very elementary influences, and over a period of years the effects can permeate the entire personality, supporting and stimulating compatible influences and fears, and undermining any healthy re-learning process.

A deviation from normal, uninhibited sexual behaviour starts developing during masturbation. It is generally understood that the most normal method of masturbating is by moving the foreskin backwards and forwards. With these conditions a freely movable foreskin at the same time as a full erection is impossible. Beauge discussed this in detail.

A boy with these conditions develops a sexual behavioural relationship with himself which is determined by his anatomical limitation. His behavioural patterns are reinforced frequently, in fact every time he masturbates during this important development phase throughout puberty. After a period of time he will develop patterns of sexual enjoyment which however creative, seen anatomically they are bound to be deviations from normal. His behaviour is truly conditioned.

The relationship with his own body (and imparticularly his "private parts") influences the whole shape of a boys developing sexual imagination and identity.

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