This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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e.g.36 I myself saw 2 psychologists about sexual dysfunction previous to my own discovery of the physical problem. I had discussed anatomical symptoms of masturbating in an abnormal manner. This should have been an obvious symptom for anyone who has studied problems in male sexuality. An awareness of the symptoms related to foreskin conditions would truly be desirable among therapists, particularly those dealing with problems in sexual and relating behaviour.

e.g.37 "My sexual life is non-existant, and that at the age of 30 .. I truly wanted to get myself castrated, but I havent got the nerve. So, I can fully confirm for you, that in my experience, the anatomical problem can lead to enormous psychological disturbances, and these can be far far worse than the original problem!"

e.g.38 "And so to the great day when I was circumcised. ... I thought that at last, I was a man. I could have sex. But hang on, where was all the youthful experimentation and the social skills. How could I ever find anyone who would put up with an emotionally retarded man of 26. ... I had suffered for nothing, and I was swamped with guilt and anger. I could not shake the feeling that I was different. ... Years passed. I was still untouched, ..... at the age of 33, I lost my virginity. ... For the first time in my life I am secure in my sexuality."
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