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Re: Worried about Possible Penis Injury

Written by Robin at 16 Mar 2006 17:02:46:

As an answer to: Re: Worried about Possible Penis Injury written by LarryG at 12 Mar 2006 20:23:12:

Firstly thanks a lot for just keeping in touch Larry,


You should rememeber that I too have no classical "penis fracture" - it is just some sort of nerve trauma, and it seems no doctor or machine can uncover any diagnostic reason for this.

I dont wish to be cynical or anything, but I believe these herbal pills - certainly wont do any harm, but well I remember one urologist who had me on 2 different sorts of herbal pills, for a month each, and it was pointless, and a waste of time and energy ... I dont see how herbal pills can cure a nerve trauma ... but, they certainly wont harm so keep taking them.

I feel the essential thing is abstinence to give the muscles/nerves time to recooperate. - AND it would really be advisable for you even afterwards, to go a bit slowly and carefully, something in your penis nerves/muscles has weakened, it is now vulnerable.

It may just be my perspective on this subject, but it seems to me that the classical snap crackle and pop and then bleeding from a normal penis fracture, heals far more easily within 24 hrs. than the sort of trauma which I and some of the other men here have ... you still feel some sensitivity or "irritation" 4 weeks after your injury ... I just think even if it does get better, you need to be careful for the next year ... dont want to sound pessimistic, but maybe its better to be pessimistic than have a kaput penis.

I think men have been having these sorts of problems for centuries. It is obviously a rarity, I guess one in ten thousand men ... there are no visible or palpable symptoms ... even these days with MRI there is no method of diagnosing what the problem is. Last century I would have been lost. I firmly believe I would have gone crazy without www and the confirmation from other men with their similar problems.

anyway - take care - good luck



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