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Re: Internal pain

Written by Robin at 11 May 2006 18:03:04:

As an answer to: Internal pain written by Lolar at 05 May 2006 01:57:44:

Hi Lolar,

before I even start answering this letter, I wanna know how you found this forum, and did you find anything else similar while you were searching??

You see mate, Im as blind as they come - I have similar problems myself and just dont understand them and so I try and keep this forum going in the hope that maybe if theres more of us - some doctor may be able to make sense of it all - or at least I will have someone to be with, rather than just feeling alone and as though Im the only sufferer in the world.

Vas Deferans? I have no idea, yes Ive heard the word, but I dont understand where it is what it does and how it functions.

What I do understand is that men have been having these sort of pains in their penis for centuries, and they have never talked about them. So these days when an individual patient goes to the doctor it is very likely that he will receive the diagnosis of psychosomatic.

You must lay off all sexual activity for a few weeks, to allow the self healing processes a chance to function.

Why is urination uncomfortable when standing, but not sitting? this is a curious symptom, maybe a doctor would be able to see a sense in it and find a diagnosis. and then if you want to go real bad ...? does this mean that pressure on the bladder has some effect?

If you aint had sex, I can only presume you are quite young ... a double trouble

You should consult a doctor, and ask him for anaesthetic cream, smearing this all over the painful area was the only relief I could find for my pain.

Im sorry that I cant be much more help - I will tag my regular footnote onto the bottom of this letter - read it - see what you think, - but I can only see help coming when a group of us get together somehow.

Anyway, Please call back here and keep us informed about what happens and if you find any solution, please!!



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