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Internal pain

Written by Lolar at 05 May 2006 01:57:44:

Ok, what I think I did is masturbate too hard one day (or too much).
Now, about a week ago, the inside of my penis hurts. It occurs on the left and right side (Vas Deferans?), and strongly where the main muscle ends (before it approaches the glans).
An erection hurts towards the top (like a stretch pull pain).

It feels like a blocking pain, I dont know if I could have injured it. I haven't masturbated since, and there is little/no signs of improvement.
Urination, when standing up, can be uncomfortable, but sitting on a toilet is completly fine. It only hurts when I have to go really bad and then a lot of urine is expelled.

You know the middle line in the jeans? If this touches the penis at the points, it causes extreme discomfort.

Also, I havent had sex before, so no STD's.


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