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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by Robin at 25 May 2006 19:49:54:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by Stevo at 23 May 2006 15:56:55:

Hi Stevo,

I read your answer to Larry G. - my thoughts (unprofessional as always) are that this injury you have now is independant of any prostatitis you had in the past, - my reasoning is lots and lots of men have different little worries and anxieties about their penis, but only very very occasionally is this followed by the sort of pains we experience.

(So, now there will only be 3 replies from me)

Im glad you are moving home - just comfort and security and with a good relationship with your parents they can help more than anyone.

Complete rest is the device. If you just have to masturbate, then try and keep it quick just get the relief, sorry no enjoyment, but its all exercise and any strained body parts should just take a rest.

Its a real tricky one because no-one can promise you that it will cure even if you restrain yourself with mighty self-control for a couple of months, its just that there seems no other answer (except for the anaesthetic cream) - btw. have I mentioned anaesthetic cream, it might help.

I reckon youve been looking around the web for info. - have you ever found anything related to my pages and this forum???

Well I understand your feelings about losing an arm etc. the point is you didnt. - I wonder if its discipline which you need - discipline is such a cold thing - Belief is probably what you need, even the belief and optimism that there is a way out and through this, (again I am led to think that you and I need a student urologist who is willing to think creatively and research), - Have I got discipline or belief?? - I have a strong spiritual belief in various directions - maybe I think something like, this has been happening to men since men were on earth, and now with internet is the first time we can meet and talk - and it also runs alongside the phimosis side of my "project" - so yes I have an internet project which is often a hassle but sometimes rewarding and someone had to start it going and God chose me -

So I suppose Im saying see yourself in the context of mankind - and be thankful that you are living in a time with internet otherwise youd be completely lost down the drain by now - I have accepted a role as being the man who started talking about these problems (phimosis and penis nerve/fracture) - well I suppose if Ive nothing else I can be proud of that.

I agree I think women are pretty keen on male erections and sex - sure its hell - dont know the answer there - can only say cuddling is also fun, try and get some cuddles in.

And please believe that there is a cure or a way out SOMEDAY SOMETIME there must be a cure or treatment for our problems - the reason there isnt already one is very simple in my opinion, just no doctor has even started looking for an answer yet!!!


>To better describe my symptoms:
>the pain is on the left side, just short of the head. It does not extend into the testicles and leg as yours does. I've been a student, but i'll be moving back home in about a week. My parents are going to help me with some money to see another Urologist there. The truth is, that I've never managed to let it rest for more than a week at a time. It's terrible, i'm like a guy smoking a cigarette and crying about his lung cancer.
>My problem, while it is an all consuming problem, is perhaps hopefully not identical to yours (it doesn't spread as far) I've read mention of surgical repair, though not as a great option. Jesus, maybe i should get an implant, where they actually remove the corpus caversonum and replace it with hydrolics. It is... a terrible thought for me as a 22 year old to take a young girl to bed and explain that to her.
>But my current situation of always being in pain, and having my daily life fucked up, is worse. I'm really scared, when i think of any point in my life I can't help but think of it as PRE change. I find myself wishing i could lose an arm or a leg or 20 years off the end of my life instead of having this problem. Or dwelling on, if only this hadn't happened. I guess i just have to summon more discipline, and then hope that that discipline has a chance to help me.
>When i get an erection with a girl now (aside from my constant pain) it's not very solid, and i have to flex my PC muscle to bolster it. which has lead to extreme premature ejaculation. It's humiliating.
>maybe it's true that women don't care THAT much about that (i doubt it) and that other things are more important to them. But i'm a man, and the way to make my woman happy that makes me happiest is through sex (of course i do the rest....but man....)
>I...I have this feeling, this feeling where i can't believe that there's no way out or no answer, maybe that's a good thing, or maybe it's really dangerous.


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