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Re: Penis pain

Written by Robin at 15 Jun 2006 19:06:09:

As an answer to: Penis pain written by Jim at 12 Jun 2006 22:41:34:

Hi Jim,

Hell, Im sorry, but I have no idea about most of the questions on this forum, even though I try and answer. Please dont take anything I say seriously without consulting a doctor

OK this hard area, could it be calcification, could you have peyronnies? ... is there any bending of the erection? (another symptom of peyronnies) - sorry if so, my site and knowledge is totally unequipped to handle peyronnies, so you would need another www search for this. As far as I know peyronnies - calcification develops slowly and cannot develop quickly.

Otherwise, what could it be? - harder areas in the penis are not a typical symptom for this forum so really I have nothing to relate it to.

I have heard of pains developing without any injury, but it is also the exception for the letters I get ...

How old are you? where are you from? are doctors/specialists easy to see in your part of the world?

I always ask that if anytime you discover cause or cure to your problem, PLEASE come back and tell us here. Sorry I dont think theres more I can say.

good luck

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