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Erection pain

Written by Ky at 15 Jun 2006 19:22:58:


I was trying to find a message on your forum that was a similar story
to my husbands, but I was unable to. Almost 3 weeks ago my husband
and I were in the shower together. We were not having sexual
intercourse but we were rubbing against each other. His penis
collided with my pelvic bone with a significant amount of force at a
perpendicular force. When this happened he said it felt like a crack
but we didn't hear anything. His penis remained erect, there was no
visible damage to the penis while flaccid or erect. Now there is
still pain just under the tip of his penis and makes sexual
intercourse uncomfortable.

Because there was no signs of bleeding or bruising we just thought it
would go away within a few days but now my husband is affraid to have
sex because of the pain. He does not have pain urinating or at any
other time besides when it is fully erect.

Is there any suggestions as to what you might think this is?

Thank you


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