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Re: Erection pain

Written by Robin at 15 Jun 2006 19:26:26:

As an answer to: Erection pain written by Ky at 15 Jun 2006 19:22:58:

Hello Ky,

First - there are a number of reports on this, I cant remember exactly
where, maybe on the home page on Whatever, I have heard
often of hitting the pelvic bone, and similar causes, hitting against
the desk his wife was sitting on, falling out of bed with night
erection hitting floor. the causes are all very similar.

But their effects seem very hard to catergorize.

What it could be is just very similar to the majority of cases I hear
about, but it seems quite a mild variety. It seems the penis and its
musculature is very fragile ... these areas have simply not been
researched because previous to internet men just never would talk
about their genital problems, it is still considered very bad taste
to do this, so we all get stuck behind our egos, the doctors analysed
the rare cases they saw as psychosomatic, fitting to Freudian
psychology etc. and simply no-doctor seems to have researched these

It felt like a crack, interesting, and probably was a soft
crack (hey, my advice is totally unprofessional, see a doctor), it seems when
there is a loud crack then the typical fracture occurs which seem to heal
without any great problem.

He is only in pain when fully erect - so when the area is not under
tension (flaccid) there is no pain even when he explores in, presses
or bends the area?

The (it seems the official) medical advice for such pains is to
practice abstinence for six weeks - this seems to be because doctors have
no idea what could be causing such pains - it is a good idea because
if this is a sprain or a strain then one should rest it like one does
with any other part of the body.

If the pain is localised under the glans, then its not a nerve which
is being trapped or torn etc. so I reckon this is the sort of pain which will
cure after several weeks abstinence.

Either that or you must visit a doctor. Try a Sports doctor (see note underneath footnote)

Please at least write back in 3 months time to say what happened. I
hate it when people/men are so egoistical that when they get better,
they dont bother telling me/us/those with permanent problems what
happened and how they cured it. Sorry - But I seem to be in rather
an angry mood about male egos today.



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