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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Written by RS at 11 Jan 2005 17:46:11:


different letters show
- the pain diminishes leaving no sensitivity
- difficulties by urinating
- caused by sudden leg movement or hip movement, means it is connected to trapped nerve in this area,

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bending is very common after penis fracture, one medical study
suggesting that bent erections occurring in baby boys are
caused by bumps in the womb during the almost permanent
foetal erections.

I hardly ever hear from men who have had this sort of experience 10 or 20
years ago. Does it usually cure spontaneously when given
enough time,? (and no man complains about mere bending)?


I see no way to resolve OUR difficulty except to support this forum and become active - I have been active alone for
7 years - then had to stop 3 yrs. ago, and Im still nervously exhausted. I cannot do this sort of work again, not for quite a while.

Please people TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for this forum Literally the only hope I see is as a group

First and most important it needs cool calm and collected questions to any contributor, to bring out their
experience, how it was caused, etc. IN DETAIL, - in all the embarrassing detail ... caused by experiments with vacuum cleaners, sheep, whatever, - teste, back, hip, groin, knee pain - the development over months, years,

It needs experiment with cures or alleviators, eg. accupuncture, homeopathy, and all the other new and old
medicine forms which arent covered in traditional western medicine. Especially acupuncture seems worth trying, or hypnosis, both are used by dentists for similar pains.

It needs MRI examinations but it seems these are useless
unless you get doctors who are interested in researching
the subject. What we have is very rare, practical normal
doctors have no time for it, this is understandable - (Im not being cynical).
Maybe the only way to find the solutions in traditional
western medicine is writing to urology depts. and
advertising for final year urology / andrology students who
are looking for an original study subject,

Writing to other mens forums and advertising this forum, to
get any histories. Maybe someone who used to have such
problems has resolved them, how?

a group of people must stimulate this forum - collect
experiences - - organise them -- they need to be
analysed - retitled correctly for easy comparison -,and put
in a system, and the present 20 well documented experiences
need to be a 100 before patterns develop.
1) those caused from sudden leg movement or sport, do they
have similar results? 2) penis cracks and bleeding seem
sometimes to heal by themselves, but? 3) nerve problems caused a) through bending b) through frontal punch or pressure - which causes which effects?

A moderator - coordinator could send me pages of organised experiences to put on the site.

Really, I have done all the basic research, and stood up in public on two themes, I have patiently answered, studied,
cried in empathy about and sorted over a thousand letters. With circumcision I was able to find a number of original
answers, but Im exhausted - I get no support - all the energy is out of me, ... the only thing which I want to do is rewrite clearly some parts of my online site - this does me good, it makes me solid - but I cant take this caring, responsible, regular daily being there for other people any more, costs too much nerves and energy, ...(see my if you want to help me).

My hope must be that someone else will now take over looking for the answers. - this responsibility is NOW EASY to take anon. ON THIS FORUM - Contact me if you need my name to open up anything else.

take care
Robin Stuart


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