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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Written by RS at 11 Jan 2005 18:16:05:

As an answer to: ANSWER TO FRACTURE/TRAUMA xxxletters written by RS at 11 Jan 2005 17:46:11:

Following through this theory that practically every man has experienced some sort of one sided nerve pain

Talking with someone last night, He remembered a dauer erection (translation? something like) permanent erection where he had this one sided nerve pain from ball to hip. When he came - the pain went.

Also one ball is always bigger than the other, his and my painful side was where the big one is - please confirm or deny this from your own experience.

Its only through talking with people that I started this site and got my first information, I must have talked with over a hundred men before internet ever started (in Europe). I talked with everyone I knew. This is probably the reason I now have only about 3 friends! If I hadnt talked Id have lost them anyway, what good are friends if you cant talk with them.

Please talk with your friends and find answers. Please be brave enough to tell the truth and ask for it.

Maybe my last word at present, is if your anatomical equipment is now a pathetic example of being a man, please dont let your head be.

Men must be more open. You are probably in the situation where no one can help you - I believe you have no choice but to talk openly, - DO IT like a MAN.

Perhaps Im asking too much - too unrealistic, anyway thats my feeling



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