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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Re: Possible Atypical Penile Fracture

Written by P at 26 Aug 2006 05:22:54:

As an answer to: Re: Possibe Atypical Penile Fracture written by Robin at 24 Aug 2006 19:29:16:

Thank you for responding. I feel that what you have said as helped me a great deal. I give respect to you and the other people who have posted here. Even if the problem/injury ends up not being a fracture at all, at least everybody had the courage to post something.
As for incompetence, I think the knowledge you have is enough to help some of us. As you had stated, even the more severe cases are coming to light.
As far as the links are concerned, I can't remember any right now, but Google is one of the better search engines to use.

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