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Re: Possibe Atypical Penile Fracture

Written by Robin at 24 Aug 2006 19:29:16:

As an answer to: Possibe Atypical Penile Fracture written by P at 20 Aug 2006 21:22:35:

Hi P,

First I have no clear definition of nerve trauma or from atypical penis fracture ...second I have no doctor to advise me or anyone on the correct words to use ... or indeed what the actual problem consists of ...

I note you have found other sites on this subject ... links would be appreciated because I am not online to research such things.

Im afraid this is a problem forum, and its the blind leading the blind .... there is obviously some physical problem (I do not believe my problems are psychosomatic) which is not yet recognised by the docs, possibly very rare, possibly also so embarrassing that only the most severe cases are slowly coming to the light of day ... I have no idea.

However your question involves if this could be a psychological fear ... certainly after ten years it would be mixed together with this ... but I have no idea ... Im sorry, but there is no way I can tell .... all I wanted from this forum is that others report there cases so hopefully because of the numbers involved maybe sometime a doctor would start taking interest ... I cannot do anything more than this, I am incompetent.

I consider the best idea I have had in recent years would be to try a sports doctor, which I explain in the footnote, which I will paste at the bottom of this, just general comments, maybe you will find something useful, and Im afraid thats all I can do



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