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Re: Sh*t - I aint the only one

Written by Robin at 09 Mar 2005 18:12:33:

As an answer to: Sh*t - I aint the only one written by Gary at 01 Mar 2005 12:19:47:

Hi Gary,

I guess this is what happens when I start asking people for detailed descriptions of cause symptoms etc. - thank you for the longest ever forum letter I have ever seen, - personally I found it entertaining but completely irrelevant -

so I cut it down to the relevant story, and thank you,

You will realise I havent any answers on this subject, only questions and a thirst for information from personal experiences because the medical literature and the doctors have no ideas ... except that its psychosomatic, and with your drug stories I guess youd be diagnosed as plain psychotic ...

So you got imjured in action, hit the desk, or tried to force entry - and now bent, thickening at base and smaller, appeared shorter, - happened probably a week ago -

Ok so maybe this is going to heal and the thickening is a sign of bruising and it will go down and everything will return to normal, except the bending, I suspect that the bending will remain even if everything else gets better.

What is lacking is long term reports. I only rarely get letters 3 or 7 years after an injury, these are the cases like mine, of atypical fracture/trauma - and no-one stays in touch for long, I imagine what happens is that if it gets better the men just want to forget the whole thing, --- and if it doesnt get better, then men just want to forget the whole thing ... ? ... and what Id really like is to know is how your penis trauma story develops ... only by collecting such info. can I help myself or others ...

so please stay in touch and that means write in 6 months and tell me whats happened -

a quick relevant question for now - is one of your testicles hurting? which way does your penis bend, which testicle hurts?
you dont mention pain - (maybe the pain killers) - maybe thats a good sign, without pain it could be a normal fracture and these heal spontaneously ...

cant say much more at the moment - please keep in touch


Gary Wrote .

Sh*t - I aint the only one

I was more hoping I was (make it less of a thing and more likely to go away I guess).

I've spent the last 4 hours browsing "penis trauma" and have yet to find a clear connection. The pyr...diease that comes on overnight looked hopefull but I can feel nothing abnormal when soft. I dont have anymore trouble with erections than before. The damned cock of mine just felt odd in my hand last week while taking in some pc porn while my wife slept. I looked and it appeared shorter and bent onc way then the other with a thickining towards the base. Shit - it freaked me enough I couldn't finish.

It was so odd I actually forgot about it - wished it out of my head I did - and might of convinced myself if the wife of 18 years didn't blurt out, "your dicks bent"... what the fuck?

I remembered then. Like waking up after a car accident with a fond thought then suddenly realizing your in a hospital, last night drunk, the light pole, your friends decapitated head on the hood..etc.. and oh yeah, your pricks now a freak show.

How did it happen, when did it happen. I gots me ideas.
First off I want to blame the drugs. I am nearly 50 but closer to 45 and have had a ripe big opiate habit for the last 5 years. Intravenous oxycontin for the best part of the month and methadone, morphine pill, saved cotton balls, etc. for the slow a damning part.


Back to topic:
At least I got my couple life times of loving, between my late adolescence and this early (but hopefully not permanent) retirement.
I know when I did it. A week or so ago. She was on the desk that sits high…I was on my toes and I hit the desk…or it was when I was trying to force the back door with nothing but spit…thing is, funny as it sounds, you don't feel pain on pain killers and the damage is done. It may of happened before..I am hoping so. I can remember some rough all night shit where I would swear at her and ask why she changed the angle of her entrance. Just would not go. I cant see shit anymore due to cotton filaments in my blood – gets trapped in the eyes and lungs. You can cough that out – takes a year or so or did last time I quit for the 22 years..but the eyes don't get any better. So I have not really had a good look at my self until the other night. Masturbation is rare because opiates also suppress the desire – but they don't kill it. It builds. Feels different in my hand. Smaller, tighter, and crooked to boot. Shit.
Sex is 2 weeks or more apart but it still gets crazy due to the build up, and due to the opiates lasts and lasts. I rarely have a normal orgasm but have been truly blessed I guess. I come every time I piss if I have been having sex during previous days….

I imagine she will take it in stride – it bothers me more than her.

Havent had any good dope for nearly a week. I really run at the mouth or keyboard. I had to share this with a stranger or two. I will tell you one thing it most everyones favor. It has to feel better explaining you broke it in some aggressive combat rather than it fading away from non-use. Make use of whatever new power that will come from the loss – if you lose it. Good Luck


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