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Re: Stevo's situation continued.

Written by Robin at 05 Oct 2006 18:46:25:

As an answer to: Re: Stevo's situation continued. written by Stevo at 01 Oct 2006 21:54:37:

Hi Stevo,

I can feel your feelings here - this is hell for you - I can feel it tearing me apart as well - ... sorry but you know me by now - I have no answers - just a bit of comfort and knowledge that Ive been through very similar - thats all this forum can do at present.

Thanks again for keeping in touch ...

I will repeat myself on this one, simply because you are still full of energy to go to the doctors (and I have mostly given up) but please try a sports doctor sometime - I believe this is my best practical idea.

god bless good luck


>The doctor told me that i'm beyond his abilities, and that I need to see a specialist with more sophisticated equipment. This will be the 7th doctor I've seen.
>Things have gotten so much worse. I love Jenny with all my heart, I look in her eyes, and all I want to do is hold her and keep her safe. I asked her to marry me, and she said yes, it was such a beautiful moment, she cried, and we made love, that was more than a year ago.
>I found out that while she was away she fucked another guy. She met him in New York, thought he was cute, liked him, fucked him that night, and brought him home to stay with her for a few days. I have an email from her, on one of the days that he was there with her, telling me that she loved me, and missed me, and that she'd be home in 3 weeks and couldn't wait to see me.
>All the pain, and shame that I've felt for the last 2 years of my life are so much greater now. It was so hard for me to know what i couldn't give her anymore, what i wanted to so badly. and now I know that another man did.
>I can see the excitement so clearly in her eyes as he fucked her, and it kills me.
>He was there with her, she was excited about him, she really liked him, and i know she moaned and screamed while he fucked her. The way that I can't. I was with her since then, and i loved her, and I tried to make love to her or to fuck her in the way that I should, and I wanted to so badly but I can't. My dick can't get fully hard anymore, much less a decent size, and I can't even last for 60 secs. I can barely feel her when I fuck her, and I know it goes even worse for her. and now I know that there's something so much worse than the fact that I couldn't it's the fact that as I was there, inside of her, so in love with her, wanting so bad to give her what I couldn't, that she had been with a man who did.
>and on one of those days she wrote me an email, hiding it from me telling me that she loved me and missed me. That's who he was to her, and that's who i was to her, hurts so bad.


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