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Got bent, crooked, broke dick, feeling sorry for bent, crooked, broke dick guy.

Written by Gary at 13 Apr 2005 10:06:06:

It didnt get any better, and like Uncle Jane it dont look like it is going to go straight.
Just got through jacking off and thought of.. well, you all.
Sorry, nothing perso..xx..scratch that - it is personal, and there is but you guys - and I appreciate that. Really.

I still get hard on's but they are painfull and pitiful to look at.
Jacking off is not much different than it was before - except for those occasional waves of sadness and grief that roll over me more than once before it is over - needless to say it takes longer to cum...
A tear dripped from one eye, hit the head of his slumping penis, rolled to the end, and dropped to the floor.
Where the cat sniffed it and streaked off to the other room.
Fuck it. At least it isnt my fucking neck. It could be worse.

How long has it been? Two months it appears. Short of improviment it appears to have gotten worse. Like I mentioned before it looks "ok" until it gets really hard. Then it is very obviously twisted to the left, then the right. Tight knot at the base. Feels bigger, looks smaller.

Wife has given me two blow jobs. Very dry spell but I cant cant bitch. Only thing worse for me would be to be left along .. to what? Date? In the hopes of finding that girl with the crooked twat? No.. cant bitch..

My poor spouse tells my chest that "it" looks better.

I insisted on sex last night - intercourse. Damned if I didnt get a cracking sound when I was attempting to enter her. I followed through and stroked for a while but it started hurting and I quit.
She spent the next 30 minutes blowing me off. I was extremely horney and finally came "all the way
for the first time in ..well two months or more. The drugs fuck that up too. When I took a piss that night (last night) it was the first time I didnt feel like I was having a 2 minute orgasm in quite a long while.

I wont insist upon sex (intercourse) for a couple months. Of course if I am smart I will never insist upon anything the wife doesnt want> Even if it wont get any better I dont want it getting worse..and it looked worse tonight after sex with the now unfamiliar hand and the painful event last night. It does feel weird and is a constant reminder... when having sex of any kind.
I am really suprised how little it bothers me the rest of the time. Sometimes, less now than 6 weeks ago, I feel like I am forgeting something... like I have lost someone very close to me and I am just waking up to the constant reminder of the grief...except it doesnt last.. because.. after all it is just my dick and not my child. Relativly speaking,measured against time and true importantance, the cock barely counts.



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